Latest Information

23/08/09 - The catalyzers are now online.

23/08/09 - The practical and theoretical examination papers can now be found online.

07/08/09 - Photos of the olympiad can be found online. Link

30/07/09 - The practical answers, practical instructions and theory paper are now available to download.

30/07/09 - The video played at the closing banquet is now available to watch online: part 1, part 2

09/06/09 - The post and pre event accomodation is available for download. The guest programme is also available to download.

01/05/09 - Mentor and Scientific Observer registration deadline has passed.

20/04/09 - Guidelines for the mentors - Available to download!

01/04/09 - The country registration deadline has passed.

20/02/09 - Prep problem solutions have been sent to the head mentors.

08/02/09 - Registration has started

08/02/09 - Payment instructions have been sent to the Head Mentors.

08/02/09 - The ISC Minutes have been released and can be downloaded here.

12/07/08 - The 40th IChO begins in Hungary.

11/07/08 - The IChO 2009 website goes live. There will be many tweaks and updates over the course of the coming months so keep checking back regularly!